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Jewelry From Jerusalem`s Holiest Place - Church of the Holy sepulchre Directly To You

For you & your blessed Ones

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And in the meantime they carefully wrapped him, together with spices and myrrh, in a new linen cloth, that had never been used by anyone.” (Apocryphal Gospel of Gamiliel)

All products sold through this website are sourced directly from the church of the holy sepulchre in the heart of the old city in Jerusalem, Holy Land. Eech piece of jewelry been blessed on the secured stone of the Anointing. They therefore provide an ongoing connection to the hope and healing energies of Jesus.

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Holy Sepulchre Gifts

  • Each piece of jewelry individually pass purification process.
  • Each piece of Jewely Rubbed & Blessed on the stone of  the anointing.
  • High quality finish and unique design
  •  Show your love with one of the world’s most unique jewelry.

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