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About Us

Church of The Holy Sepulchre is the most sacred point of Christian pilgrimage in the Holy Land. Home to the site of the crucifixion and the stone upon which Christ was anointed, there is no place more evocative, or as infused with history in all of Christendom.

Being physically based in Jerusalem, Holy Sepulchre Gift, bring hope, healing, and closeness to Christ, to pilgrims who can’t make a physical journey to the Holy Land.  To do this, we source and meticulously purify beautiful Christian cross and other jewelry designs. Each piece is then physically blessed and anointed on the very same Stone of Anointment where Jesus once lay.

At Holy Sepulchre Gift, we bring the miraculous history of the Holy Sepulchre to those who might never have the opportunity to visit the Holy Land. Shop now to gift or own a Christian cross blessed on-top of one of Christendoms most sacred of relics.

Your Tangible Connection to the Holy Land

The Stone of the Anointing is the same stone upon which the body of Jesus was prepared for burial. Moreover, for centuries, stories of miraculous healing have been reported by those who have laid hands on the stone.

At Holy Sepulchre Gift, we don’t promise miracles. What we do is strive to help Christians sense a deeper, more personal connection to Christ and the Holy Land.

The History of The Holy Sepulcher Church

The history of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher is itself miraculous.

In A.D. 70, the Roman Emperor Hadrian leveled the sacred site of Mount Calvary where Jesus was crucified. Temples to the pagan god’s Venus and Jupiter were then erected to cover the site of the crucifixion and the resurrection.

Later when the Roman Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity, Constantine’s mother St. Helena, ventured to the Holy Land. Astonishingly, Helena then found that Hadrian’s attempt to destroy the most precious relics in Christianity had actually preserved them.

The Church of the Holy Sepulcher stands today on the site of successive miracles. Namely, the atonement, the resurrection, and the rediscovery of the one true cross.

Gift or Own Your Very Own Piece of the Holy Land